Frequently Asked Questions

A title loan is an easy way for people who own their vehicle to get cash using their vehicle as collateral.  Your vehicle must be completely paid for to be eligible to get a title loan.  The lender will hold the title while you have the loan and you get to keep the car.


We are the best at what we do.  We have been in business since 1995 with thousands of satisfied customers.  We care about our customers, and employees, and it shows in the way our employees treat our customers.  If it weren’t for you, the customer, we wouldn’t be here and we recognize this.  You can walk in one of our stores with your car title and drive away in 15 minutes. With our 48 hour risk free guarantee if you change your mind simply bring the amount borrowed back and close the loan with no fees or charges!


Yes we can.  Simply come in and bring the car you want to get a loan on and we’ll do the rest.

Yes.  If you are self-employed simply bring a business license or a copy of your tax returns and we will gladly make you a loan.

We loan on all vehicles with a title 1981 and newer.

Yes.  We loan on semi-trucks, rv’s, motorcycles, 4-wheelers, and boats.  However for motorcycles, 4-wheelers, and boats we require you to leave them with us in our secure storage.  Not all locations are equipped for this so please contact the store location closest to you.

No Problem.  Cash Spot is here for you even if you have bad credit or a bankruptcy in the past.  Your credit history is not a factor in the title loan approval process.  Your vehicle is your collateral for the loan.  Your credit worthiness is of no consideration to us.  However, we will not loan to customers who have an active bankruptcy case.

If you are listed on the title along with another person and the title has “AND” both of you must be present.  If you are listed on the title along with another person and the title has “AND/OR” or simply “OR” either of you may get a loan on the vehicle.

We use the Black Book Guide and loan up to 100% of the wholesale value of your vehicle.  The amount we loan takes into consideration the mileage and overall condition of your vehicle.

If you have all of the items required to complete a transaction with you when you come into a Cash Spot location, the whole process will take about 15 minutes.

If you are seriously late or non-responsive, vehicle repossession could occur.  However, we consider repossession a last resort.

A payday loan is a easy way to get cash when you’re short between paydays.  It is a short term loan that is usually due the next time you get paid.  You must have an active checking account to be eligible for this type of loan.  You simply write a check for the loan amount you need, plus the finance charge, and we agree to hold it until your next payday.

As long as you do not have more than $500 loaned elsewhere we can loan you the difference.  Alabama State law does not allow a consumer to have more than $500 loaned out among all payday lenders.  We verify against a database to ensure compliance with this statute.

No Problem.  Cash Spot is here for you even if you have bad credit or a bankruptcy in the past.  We do not check credit as a consideration for a payday loan and as long as you are not currently in bankruptcy or debtors court we can give you a loan.

You can still get a loan!  Go by your local bank branch and get a 30 day activity printout with a teller stamp or if you have online access you can print one out from a kiosk in our office.

You must have a check in order to get a payday loan.

The loan is due whenever your next payday is.  So if you only get paid once a month that is when your loan will be due as long as it is not more than 31 days away.

We are required by law to check state databases to maintain that each consumer has no more than $500 amongst all payday lenders in the State of Alabama.  Once you clear the state database check, your information will go into our payday loan underwriting procedures to determine the amount that we can loan each consumer.

Can I rollover my payday loan when it is due?  No, we do not allow rollovers. You must pay the loan in full when the loan is due. We, at our option, will immediately loan you the money back.

It depends on the spot price of gold or silver when you come in and how much your items weigh. We use Kitco to determine the spot price of gold or silver.

A spot price is the market price for immediate delivery of a commodity, such as gold or silver. This is the price gold is trading at for the day.

We generally accept ALL gold and sterling silver items that are presented for sale.

Any gold jewelry containing diamonds or semi-precious stones will not be paid for. We are only interested in the amount of precious metals in your items for sale.